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Workplace Investigations

Elizabeth Devine has more than 20 years experience in workplace investigations.  This includes experience in bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and bribery claims.  These investigation services have been provided to the private sector, not for profit sector and the public sector.

In advising on and conducting workplace investigations, Elizabeth makes use of skills and expertise in interviewing, analysis and the law.  She combines high level technical and communication skills to maximise the effectiveness of the investigation.  In conducting investigations, Elizabeth is mindful of the need for procedural fairness and careful management of confidential and other sensitive information.

In addition to conducting workplace investigations, Elizabeth also provides the following related services:

  • coaching in how to conduct workplace investigations

  • review of workplace investigations

  • seminars and workshops on how to conduct a workplace investigation

  • development of enterprise-specific Issue Resolution Policies and Procedures and Investigation Guidelines

In recognition of her expertise, Elizabeth is regularly asked to present conference papers, seminar papers and workshops on workplace investigations. In 2017 Elizabeth was invited to be the inaugural convenor of the Sydney Circle of the Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators (‘AAWI’) and a member of the National Advisory Committee of AAWI. In 2018 Elizabeth presented a two day Master Class on Best Practice Workplace Investigations to a larger employer in Brunei at the invitation of a Malaysian education provider.  In 2019 she was invited to be Co-Convenor of AAWI.  As Chair of the Conference sub-committee, she is playing a key role in organising AAWI’s 2019 conference which will be held in Sydney on 24 and 25 October 2019.

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