Workshops & Seminars

Learning and development is a key focus in our business as we see it as the key to business preventing or minimising legal risks in the workplace while also engaging in the professional development of its people.

We work closely with our clients to deliver a learning experience for their people which is clear, relevant and above all enjoyable. Participants leave our workshops “buzzing” with enthusiasm, as they have gained that all important confidence from the skills developed and knowledge acquired during the course of the workshop.

We consistently receive feedback highlighting the interactive, easy to understand and relaxed nature of our presentations together with the value of the discussion of real-life examples of issues in the workplace and how they can be resolved and the benefit of course notes which can be used as an ongoing resource.

Participants at a recent workshop commented:

  •  Elizabeth’s knowledge is contagious.  Her seminar has motivated me to learn more

  • Excellent delivery of course and information are given.  I learned new things and also received a refresher.

  • The live examples provided by others in the group were both interesting and informative.  It was good to be able to actively participate rather than it is a straight ‘sit and listen’ session. 

  • I am new to HR but found it easy to follow and understand.  Lots of examples given and the language used was easy to understand.  The handout will be a great resource for me. 

  • Very interesting, not too long and a very open class.

  • Great use of ‘real world’ practical examples.  I enjoyed the interactive approach of the presenter.

  • Once again, attendance and advice received from Elizabeth in a straightforward easily understood language steer my business in the right direction when looking at compliance and future proofing for all workplace issues.

Our Workshops and Seminars are developed individually for each client. However, as a guide, some of the topics we cover are:

  • Performance at Work – how to get great results from your staff and stay on the right side of the law

  • Termination Do’s and Don’ts – how to get through the legal minefield without slipping

  • Workplace Law for Managers – the essential guide to legal compliance and effective people management

  • Health, Safety and Ability – what directors, managers and advisers need to know and do to successfully make their way through the legal maze

  • Tricky issues at work – bullying, harassment, discrimination and other workplace conflicts, a guide to effective risk management, investigation and resolution

  • HR Fundamentals – Working with Managers

  • Professional Boundaries at Work

  • Workplace Bullying – What it is and what you can do about it

  • How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation

  • Health and Safety at Work – A Practical Perspective

  • Employment Contracts – a guide to developing the right contracts for your workplace

  • Workplace Agreements: a How to Guide

  • Information at Work – What you can and can’t do in gathering, using and disclosing information at work

  • Contractors – how to engage them and what you need to watch out for

  • Workplace Diversity – A How-to Guide to Legal Compliance

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