On 10 March 2022, Elizabeth provided an encore presentation of her paper ‘Watching the Clock: Strategies for Managing Long-Term Injured Employees’to the Melbourne Employment Law Conference on behalf of the Television Education Network. This paper, originally presented in November 2021, discussed one of the most complex areas of employment law and practice; the many laws and other considerations which must be borne in mind when managing ill and injured employees. Not only must an employer be mindful of the risks of unfair dismissal or general protections claims, they must also consider the impact of anti-discrimination law, work health and safety law and workers compensation law. They will also often have to grapple with an array of complex medical and capacity issues. Elizabeth’s paper and presentation examined the legal and practical aspects of making a sound, defensible and legally compliant decision when managing long-term ill and injured employees, including, when applicable, whether or not to dismiss the employee.