How We Work

We consider that the key to effective legal service is a great relationship with our client.

Step One
Our first step is to find out about you and your business and workplace.

Step Two
Once we have understood what you are seeking, we will prepare a proposal. This proposal will outline how we can assist you to meet your objectives. Accompanying this proposal will be plenty of information with which you can make a decision about whether or not to engage us.

Step Three
We practice what we preach. If you choose to engage us to provide you with a service we will negotiate a clear agreement with you. Provision of our services is conditional upon us both signing a Costs Agreement.

Step Four
We keep in touch with you throughout a matter and keep your matter under review.

Step Five
Throughout the matter, we will invite you to provide us with your feedback. Once we have delivered our service, we will ask to meet with you to obtain your feedback. We will use the information we obtain to develop our relationship with you and improve our service.

Step Six
A great relationship is a work in progress. We will remain in contact with you and continually explore with you how we can help your people work together for better results.

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