Elizabeth Devine

Elizabeth Devine is an employment lawyer and conflict management, specialist.  She is the Founder of Devine Law at Work, a law firm and consultancy which specialises in employment law, workplace relations and conflict management.

Elizabeth’s qualifications include a Masters of Dispute Resolution, a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts.  She has been practising law for 28 years and has specialised in all aspects of Australian employment law and workplace relations for 23 years.

In addition to her legal skills and qualifications, Elizabeth is a Conflict Coach, Educator, Facilitator, Mediator, Neutral Evaluator and Workplace Investigator.  This breadth and depth of skills ensure that a multi-disciplinary approach is provided in Elizabeth’s services.

In 2002 Elizabeth founded Devine Law at Work, a law firm and consultancy which specialises in employment law and workplace relations.  In doing so she realised an ambition to provide services to clients in a multi-disciplinary and ‘holistic’ framework; that is, with a focus on not only the full spectrum of laws which impact on employment but also on the essential role of skills and expertise in conflict resolution, communication, people management, negotiation and education.  As a consequence, the focus of Devine Law at Work is on the provision of advice and other services which are designed to prevent and resolve issues which arise in the workplace rather than on litigation.

Prior to founding Devine Law at Work, Elizabeth acquired extensive and diverse experience in a range of workplaces; including in private practice, a peak employer body, the public sector (Australian Government Solicitor) and in community legal centres.  Having gained this experience, her advice is informed by valuable insights into the particular needs and priorities of different workplaces as well as the traits many workplaces share.

Elizabeth’s expertise includes the following:

  • employer and employee obligations under contract law, legislation and industrial instruments
  • conflict resolution
  • dispute system design and implementation
  • employment contracts
  • enterprise bargaining
  • industrial disputes
  • restructures and redundancies
  • fair treatment
  • work health & safety
  • policies and procedures
  • workplace investigations
  • termination of employment

Elizabeth has extensive advocacy experience and has appeared as a Solicitor Advocate in the Fair Work Commission (and its predecessors Fair Work Australia and the Australian Industrial Relations Commission); the Federal Court; the Federal Circuit Court; the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW and other Courts and Tribunals.

Elizabeth is passionate about enhancing the knowledge of others about employment law and workplace relations and regularly presents to a broad range of corporations and business, professional and industry groups. A professional speaker and enthusiastic educator, Elizabeth is well known for her engaging, easily understood and approachable style.

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